Friday, October 27, 2006
Hamish is preaching this Sunday at Redeemer at 4pm (Baverstock Oak School, Beverstock Road). He is preaching on the topic of Hardship from Jeremiah 29: 1-14. He will be speaking from our recent and ongoing experience with Aria. Obviously we don't have all the answers but a few insights into how to approach hardship.

Would love to see you. The hopsital has given Aria leave to come and listen to Daddy which is nice :)

PS Aria is doing very well. God has been good and the Docs are very sure they can save the line!! Will still be in for at least another 10 days to run full course of antibiotics to make sure all bugs are killed and aren't hiding. Thanks for all the prayers!!

Anita posted at 9:35 AM

Wednesday, October 18, 2006
Be watching TV2 this thursday (19th) @ 9.30pm!!

Why? The current affairs show 20/20 are running a story on a little girl named Matisse, who like Aria, needs a bowel transplant. I am pretty sure Aria and Matisse are the only kids in NZ needing this surgery (I hope anyway)

Matisse and Aria have different conditions. Matisse suffers from a lotof pain and has a pretty hard life. The doctors are unsure why her bowel doesn't function and why she gets so much pain. In Aria case we know exactly why her bowel does work, because she doesn't have the nerves to move food through.

But the treatment for both girls in the same, dependant on TPN instead of food, draining of stomach fluid every day and needing a bowel transplant to survive.

This family has been very support of us and really helpful.

So please watch and get an insight into what it is like.

Anita posted at 10:41 AM

Saturday, October 07, 2006
I really should post more!!

There is a lot going on really at the moment. We are settling in to life and recovering from our hospital 'ordeal'. Yup it is has been a hard road but I think now we are finally getting in the pace of life and figuring it out. Well as much as you can really.

Aria is sooo cool. She started giggling about a week ago. You have to work pretty hard and go 'boo' about a hundred times but she gets it. It is fantastic. I love being a mummy it is great!!

Anita posted at 11:36 PM

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