Saturday, August 27, 2005
Do you ever look into the future and wonder how is the world it is all going to work out? Next september we are off to American for a bit less than a year. Hamish is going to finish off his masters and start the next thing (which I really wish I could remember what it is called) I am really excited, can't wait. I can't really figure out why I am so keen to go to America, maybe the exposure to new ideas and a culture is just so appealling. Or maybe is the fact that I probably won't be able to work and am looking forward to being a lady of leisure/student?? :)

I guess everyone moves on from where life began sooner or later. For some it is sooner and for me is seems as though it has been later. Living in Manurewa and going to the same church my whole life can make one rather comfortable. But things change and people leave but it God working out his plan in everyone.

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Monday, August 22, 2005
Scott has convinced me that voting on principles rather than tactics is the best way to go for a Christian. I figured I had the principle thing covered with a vote for United Future but now there are no Christian MPs in their List, well not ones that are going to get in anyway.

So the question now is Destiny or CHNZ. As you can see from the heated debate below Dan and Scott and others feel strongly that CHNZ is the go. Personally I think it should come down to policy and from what I can see they are pretty similar. So, up to you, but I feel that Destiny has the edge over CHNZ is terms of candidates (amount only - experience etc debatable) media coverage and public awareness, clearer policies (easier read) and a wider support based therefore likely they get more votes. And for some reason the Capill thing doesn't inspire me to vote for CHNZ, I know you may think that is crazy and they have a new leader now but I don't know, I just don't like it. However I prefer Ewen McQueen to Richard Lewis and in general CHNZ's style 'sits' better with the reformed mindset and (I think) their candidates are a little more experienced than Destiny.

Anyway - this is me signing off from the election debate, I don't want to hack anyone off further. Thanks to Scott, Dan and Jono who have contributed their ideas, I have appreciated hearing your thoughts, you have enlighted me. For want of a better word that is.

Update: yes I know I am suppose to be signing off but a member of the Destiny Party just knocked on our front door and gave us a little speech and a handout on the guy running for rewa and party vote info. Impressive, if someone from CHNZ does the same I will retract the following comment. I think Destiny has the manpower and moneypower to sustain a longterm election campaign. If I am going to back a loser I would rather back the second to last rather than the last.

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Saturday, August 20, 2005
This is Scott's comment

I can find no mention of abortion in Destiny's policy Sam, save this:-
They will make it compulsory for parents to be consulted when underage children want abortions.
I can't find any mention of making abortion illegal. Can you?
Vote CHNZ!

This is the answer:
After about a 30 second search on the Destiny Party's website I found the following statement about Abortion. Decide for yourself- read this or CLICK HERE to go to the site yourself. BUT do you know what makes this even more crazy CHNZ makes not mention of making abortion illegal either!!!! Cracks me up. CLICK THERE to go straight to their site and read it for yourself

Destiny Pary:

Over 18,500 abortions were performed in our country last year, which is a disgrace to the character of our nation. Destiny New Zealand upholds the sanctity of life and will defend the rights of the unborn child.

Destiny New Zealand will:

1 Review and dismantle legislation that so easily facilitates abortion
2 Promote a culture of zero tolerance to abortion by promoting, facilitating and resourcing adoption services as the only valid and healthy alternative
3 Implement an abstinence component in the Sex Education curriculum (See Education & Family Policy)

Abortion Legislation

Destiny New Zealand will:
1 Review the legal grounds for abortion
2 Require women who are considering abortion to be fairly and fully informed on foetal development and the physical, emotional and spiritual side-effects of abortion
3 Require parental consent for child/teen abortion procedures (Amendment to the Care of Children Act)
4 Seek legal status for the unborn child, from conception.


Christian Heritage NZ 10-Point Plan to Celebrate Life:
Introduce a Pregnancy Information Act to require all women considering an abortion to be provided with information on foetal development, and the physical and psychological side-effects of abortion.
Introduce an Abortion Informed Consent Act to require abortion counselling to be independent and include coercion screening. A one week 'cooling off' period would also be required.
Amend the Care of Children Act to require parents to be informed and give consent where abortions are undertaken on minors.
Introduce an Abortion Funding Conscience Act to require state funding for abortions to be ring-fenced and voted on separately from the health budget.
Review adoption laws to encourage adoption as an alternative to abortion.
Introduce a Status of the Unborn Child Act to give legal status to the child and allow their interests to be represented in a court.
Amend the existing law to abolish certifying consultants. Instead applications for abortions would be heard by a Family Court judge. Expert witnesses could be called and the interests of the child and father represented.
Review the legal grounds for abortion to limit abortions to the first trimester, outlaw partial-birth abortion, protect children born alive during abortion, and allow danger to mental health as justification only if that danger cannot be averted in any other way.
Establish a National Palliative Care Policy to improve care for the terminally ill and oppose any moves to introduce euthanasia.
Amend the Bill of Rights Act 1990 to include the right to life from conception until natural death.

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Wednesday, August 17, 2005
Speaking without thinking is like shooting without taking aim

Spanish Proverb

And in other news-
Happy Birthday Hamish

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Sunday, August 14, 2005
Well for some reason I didn't really expect my catfood post to generate such intense debate. I supppose it was a bit naive of me but now I have learn a little bit about evolution and what people believe about it.

BIg thanks goes out to Daniel Willis for his most excellent skills in fixing my pretty blog! Thanks heaps Dan:):)

In other news I am back to not knowing who I am going to vote for. I don't know about others but it is all a little bit confusing. United future was the go until they bumped Bernie Oglivey and Paul Adams down their list so based on last years result they won't be in parliament.

Today the Sunday Star times publishes the resuls of their morality survey which 10,000 kiwis filled out. Should be very interesting.

Till next time -say hi to your Mum for me.

P.S Nathan next time your are up in Auckland I look forward to chatting to you about the previous issue:)

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Thursday, August 04, 2005
World views on the back of cat food tins

Yup that is right. While I was standing in the checkout counter yesterday I decided to read what was written on the back on the cat food container. I thought the most ridiculous thing was the nutritional details listed, eg, % fat, protein etc. Last time I checked my cat wasn't that concerned with his waistline or his protein intake. But should my cat become diet conscious and go on Kitty Atkins I will surely purchase the appropriate food.

But no that wasn't the most ridiculous thing. Apparently the executives at Heinz Watties (who makes Chef) believe in evolution. On the back on the tin was the phrase 'Cats evolved eating meat'. Apart from the fact the evolution is rubbish, that statement in itself is rubbish. At some stage cats would have been single celled organisms that didn't eat meat. Even catfood and baked beans makers have been brainwashed into believing the lie that is evolution so much so they are prepared to put it on the back on their cans.

Other pearls of wisdom on the back of the same can- 'Cats get bored'. Which reminds me, we really should get around to buying Madden that Playstation he has been moewing about for ages.

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Wednesday, August 03, 2005
The tax department must love poor people - it creates so many of them. W.C.P

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