Sunday, January 30, 2005
I took a day off work on Friday and Hamish and I went away. First stop Puhoi then Warkworth, Wellsford, Waipu and Whangarei. All are very lovely places. We stayed the night at Warkworth, which is a cool little town but with very over priced fish and chips. We then met up with our very good friends Paul and Jean and three other couples and Jean brother and two of his mates. Jean’s parent have a nice bach by the beach and we had a great time with them. We had a BBQ and played Cranium on Sat night.

In other news-

I got a bike for my birthday off
I am going to start working on my rock garden tomorrow- can’t wait.
The NZ Herald sucks.
I miss Christy.
New Zealand rocks.

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Wednesday, January 19, 2005
There is a gym just down the road from Tip Top. It is run by Destiny Church and they have a $5 casual rate between 11-3pm! Me and some of the girls at work are going to start working out there. We went to have a look today and it is really flash. It is opposite the big Destiny church which has a preschool, flash cafe and TV studio. Destiny must be doing something right, they went from 20 members in 1998 to over 800 in it's main Auckland congregation! Not bad growth really.

Phase two of Project Paint House kicks into gear this Saturday pending fine weather. Feel free to come over and pick up a paint brush and put paint on the walls. There will be bacon and egg pie (thanks to Hamish's cool mum) and Frujus for lunch.

I am busy at work and turning 24 next weeks. Yikes.

Anita posted at 9:39 PM

Saturday, January 15, 2005
Last night Hamish, Alex and I went to a Breakers game. I scored free tickets off a friend of mine. It was really fun, heaps better than any other sports game I have been to. On the way home I had a really good talk with Alex, who challenged me on a few issues. It is really great having someone that is going to be direct and honest with you about things. Anyway my sister is cool and has good things to say.

The other cool thing is that my cool friend Christy has a blog. Another cool chick who has good things to say. I am going to miss her so I am glad I can read her thoughts and experience while she is away. So fellow bloggers, there is only one person left to peer pressure into blogging. Lou you know it's you...... Yet another cool chick who must be made to blog when she goes away!!!!! Cause I will miss her too.

Anyway I better stop blogging and help my husband. We are painting our house today! I can hear the grinding of the sander so I better join him. We are painting our house a colour called Ivory Haze, it is really nice.

Anita posted at 9:11 AM

Saturday, January 08, 2005
Is driving tired the the new driving drunk?

A girl at work was telling us that her and her husband drove home from Hamilton at 5 am on the 1st of Jan and her husband nodded off a couple of times. I found myself mentally frowning upon this. About half an hour before that another guy at work told me that a friend of his was hurt in a fatal car accident when an on-coming driver fell asleep at the wheel. I suppose I was being a little judgemental but I had to question the responsibility of driving tired.

It is no longer socially acceptable to drive drunk. But is it still ok to drive tired?

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Thursday, January 06, 2005
New Year to you! I hope this year is a blessed one filled with blessings.

We spend new years at YBC and had a good time. I guess I am pretty biased but I think the talks were excellent. Hamish did really well and so did Peter. It is really encouraging to see the next generation coming through, they are smart, mature and seem to be seeking godliness.

There is a crazed rapist on the streets of Manurewa. Joy. It is a bit sucky being a girl sometimes and having to fear crazys like this guy. I guess if we are in Christ then nothing will happen that isn’t for our best but that would be a terrible terrible thing to have happen to you.

I tried to comment on Nathan’s blog today but could figure out how to do it. So I thought I would email him to get instructions but you have to post a comment to get his address. Oh dear. Nathan- if you are out there. Please explain.

We are going to paint our house this week when the weather improves so if you have nothing to do….. Or if you want to come over and give us your opinion on what colour to paint it that would be great too. We are painted 6 test colours on the front of our house and are still trying to decide!

Anita posted at 7:15 PM

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