Thursday, July 28, 2005
Hey Kids!

Time flys when you are having fun!

The election date was finally announced and the campaign is in full swing. I am a little tired of it already. Anyway it should be a good one.

Do you know what I have been thinking about lately. women reading the bible in public worship. We studied it at the Grace course and I found it really interesting. There are three views:

1. Only men should read the bible
2. Only church leaders should read the bible
3. Men and women should be able to read.

This assumes that the men and women are in good standing with the church. Most people would hold to the idea that women could read the bible in church because it is not teaching or having authority. Women prophesied in church in the bible and reading the bible would be no different than this. However I think the point remains is that firstly it is not a huge issue and secondly it is a good way of men to show an example to their families of reading the word. Biblically I think there are grounds for women to read the word in public worship but I think men should have the honour. We should encourage them to be the spiritual leaders after all.

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Saturday, July 16, 2005
What a weekend and it is only Saturday night!

Bonza's Birthday Bash had to be the highlight! Happy Birthday Bon! The evening was great and everyone scrubbed up nice! The highlight of the weekend's highlight had to be a great good conversation with Scott and Sam the Man. We were later joined by the lovely Phillipa (who I think might be reading my blog sometime so I better be nice) and Sir Carl. Anyway it was very fun.

Which brings to me to my point. Blogging is fun and commenting on blogs is fun. It isn't personal and never should become so. There is a risk that things can be read the wrong way but I think blogs need to be viewed with a sense of humour and lets not take ourselves too seriously.

Matters, esp personal ones, refered to my blog are not serious but tongue in cheek. Personal matters are dealt to face to face or email to email. As least that is my policy anyway.

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Friday, July 15, 2005
This thought came to me today:

You can't build someone up by tearing them down.

Anita posted at 2:10 PM

Wednesday, July 13, 2005
I discovered the cost of Christian education per child per term from a conversation I had with someone on the weekend. I should stress at this point that I am not implying that it is over-priced or anything like that cause I don't see scotts dad hooning around in a Rolls Royce!

But for some reason I hadn't factored in the cost when considering the option of sending my yet-to-exist children to Christian education and I don't think I will start either. In my mind it would seem that if you were going to make any investment in anything surely your child's education would be the best option hand's down. However is there also any reason, should you not be able to afford Christian education or live near a christain school, that you couldn't make secular education work for you? If you were totally hands off then there is a slim possibility that your children would turn into fluffy brained idiots or however Scott delicately put it.

But I fear for myself, as my husband isn't climbing the corporate ladder to a highly paid position that would allow a Christian education for our kids, that I might not even be able to consider it. But should God intend this privilege for my children then he will provide! For those of you who have had the blessing of a Christian education remember that it is a privilege and something that our parents sacrificed greatly to give us. Something I understand better now than I did three days ago. Thanks Mum!

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Monday, July 11, 2005
Well as it turns out my pretty blog is fatally flawed. She is a lost cause according to the expert Jono. She looks ok on the outside but behind the prettiness she ain't so crash hot. Although some would debate that she looks ok on the outside, even to me she looks better at home than she does at work.

Reminds me of people but thankfully we are never lost causes no matter how fatally flawed. Our code can be fixed and renewed and even changed. Only God ,the expert web designer, can see the flaws in our HTML coding, log in to our hearts and fix the errors. Should we deny him access he is faithful in pursuing us. And should we crash altogether he is there to re-programme and forgive our errors.

Jesse has a blog!

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Saturday, July 09, 2005
So what do you think of the new blog template?

I am very proud of myself cause it didn't originally come with comments or archives enabled but I figured out how to put them in!

Anyway I hope you like it!

Also my fab husband was a bit miffed I didn't mention him in my likes accept for offering my condolences, so for the record I am very fond of the shortest member and sistagurl and husband fella.

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Thursday, July 07, 2005
I Like:

The bible and studying it more in depth. Did you know how nice Jesus was to women- it is cool
My family- what is left of them. The rest ran away and Hamish can't escape poor fella. Very fond of the shortest member and sistagurl:).
Mother Earth Salt and vinegar popcorn. Like chips but without all the FAT.
Ice Cream- keeps me in a job.
My friends- all around the place, Japan Australia etc etc
My Cat- he is so cute and embarrassing (tried to eat Jesse's dinner right out of his hand last week)
The T C '05 team.
Lindt 75% cocoa chocolate- yummy yummy

I don't like:

The please police. Only so give me credit for the 100s of times I say please and thanks and don't jump on me the second I forget.

Only talking to people on blogs (scott and jono)- When is that Nathan boy coming up again, seems to be the only time for face to face 'discussions', bring that cool chick Michelle with you Nato- she sounds cool. Oooo lets have a blogging convention!

People not voting- and no this isn't a comment about anyone in particular. People lived and died so we could be free. You gotta at least tick a box on a piece of paper to honour that.

AND last but not least.....Bushy bushy beards.

and coming soon.... the post on men......

Anita posted at 8:44 PM

Well I don't know what to say after the post with 46 comments. Half of those random and shameless self promotion of what I can only assume to be Scott's 'new' blog. 'New' is the sense of it's 'new' very unoriginal name but the same boring template. Not that I can talk 'Anita's Thoughts' come on.

Anyway not much to say really although I feel a post about men coming on........ Stay tuned.

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Sunday, July 03, 2005
I am much liking Jono's blog right now. Cool template and some real good stuff on it. Jono’s post was got my mine ticking on an issue that will be important to everyone over 18 who has the privilege of voting.

Unfortunately it would seem that a vote for the minor parties is a risky option for Christians. Will an election that is looking for be very close votes are going to count. If your party doesn't get over the 5% your vote is wasted. A lot of Christian feel that even though this may be the situation their conscience will not let them vote any other party than Destiny or CHP. Not an opinion I hold personally but I can respect it.

We gotta get Labour and the Greenies out of Office. As Christian we need to make sure our vote counts particularly is this close election.

For me it is either National or the United Future. Jono raised a really good point about UF supporting the Labour govt to keep them in office and that is the reason why he will not support them. However there are some things we need to remember:

1. They are the only party with open Christians.

2. They are not in coalition with Labour, very important. They support them on supply and demand only which means we can have a stable government. This means that United Future is free to vote against the Government on policies that it disagrees with and has done so. What is does mean that United Future is Labour's preferred partner on legislative issues, that United Future is consulted and included on legislative issues, and is privy to government information. UF doesn’t not have to do anything it doesn’t want to do- it has not bound it’s self to the govt. Remember because of the supply and confidence agreement the cannabis issue was off the agenda. For more info check out

3. They are the party that most closely identifies it’s self with Christian values. The National Party does not. Yet many of Christians may vote for them this year and why? To get Labour out of power. But remember our struggle is not against the rulers and authorities but against the spiritual darkness of this world. Why would you vote for the National Party (whose leader voted for Civil Unions and the party itself has no firm moral convictions) than vote for a party where our brothers in Christ are MPs and stand for what we believe in more than anyone else!

Let us not throw the baby out with the bath water. Let us be fully informed and not close our minds to voting for a party that has voted against the government’s destructive legislation unanimously!

Because Peter Dunn (leader of the party) hold an electorate seat, a party vote for UF is not a wasted vote. If they only get 1.5% it will not be redistributed but will allow another UF MP in because of Peter Dunn’s seat.

Anita posted at 2:50 PM

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