Sunday, March 27, 2005
Isn't it nice having a four day weekend. I could get used to this! I missed church this morning because I had a sore throat during the night that was really bad. When I woke up it was feeling heaps better but the rest of me was feeling a bit dodgy. How stink is that not being able to worship on such an important day. A small blessing was that I got to watch Praise Be. Ok I so I am not 60 but I really enjoyed it. Some hymns gave me goosebumps even as they sung about Christ rising from the grave. The salvation Army Choir sang that song 'and as he stands in victory sin's curse has lost it grip on me' I can't remember that exact name but I love that song and they sung it really well. Isn't it great that we worship a risen Saviour not a commemorate a dead leader.

Guess who I talked to during the week!! Louise! That rocked my socks. It was so weird cause the line was perfect and there was no delay or anything. It was like she was just down the road. It was so great to talk to her. I like talking more than texting or emailing. It is great being able to talk to friends like Christy and Louise who are far away but after you get off the phone you feel like they are so close.

Speaking of Christy, Alex Hamish and I are off to Sydney next month to catch up with my Dad since his operation and spend some time with Christy. I CAN'T WAIT. I can't wait to see my Dad cause it has been ages and a bit hard not being there when he had his op. And I can't wait to see Christy cause I miss her!

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Tuesday, March 22, 2005
I did it! I finished the famine at 10am this morning. I must say it was really nice not having to worry about food for a day or so. I consumed a litre of Just Juice and 5 Barley Pops, lots of water and a some herbal teas. I hope you approve Dan!

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Monday, March 21, 2005
I arrived to work this morning and drove through the carpark. Today we are lauching the new Colossal Cone trumpets - Chocolate Almond and Butterscotch Crunch. Just as you drive past the distribution carpark (Scott will know where I mean) there was road block of marketing staff giving out trumpet sleves full of lollies!! And they are coming around with a sample of the actual product at lunchtime! Nevermind the lollies will just sit on my desk until tomorrow at 10am and the ice cream will go in the freezer with a big note on it!! In two hours time I will be half way through and I am feeling fine! I kinda like this no eating thing!!

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Sunday, March 20, 2005
Well I am about to starting the 40 Hour Famine in about 10 mintues. I am actually a little nervious about it. What if I can't hack it and conk out? I mean I know I won't but it is a little scary. I since I decided to do it over a work day I am starting to think that maybe that wasn't such a great idea. Oh well it is still a good cause. Thanks to all the people that have sponsored me! I really appreciate it and I won't let you down! Yikes!

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Friday, March 18, 2005
Well it has been a very busy week. Today is Friday and it is the first night we have been home. It has been a fab week. Actually we were home on Wednesday night, we had friends over for dinner. Friends that like to play GT4. Cool friends.

Anyway yes I have a new job at Tip Top that is. My new title is Procurement Analyst. That mean I help buy stuff and manage our supplier relationships. This means I leave my finance job and work for a new department. I am really excited for two reasons. One it is going to be heaps of fun cause I will also be involved in new product development and and two another manager from finance is leaving to take the position of Procurement Manager whom I will be reporting to. She is really really cool. Actually my job will have lots of perks like heaps of pressies at Christmas time. Woohoo. Anyway the downside it that I won’t have any staff reporting to me. It was my Boss’s last day today (he is moving to Christchurch !?) and I have a review with him and he said I was a ‘Blimin good manager’. Except he didn’t say blimin if you get what I mean. Anyway I have learnt heaps from my old boss and my old job and I am looking forward to a new challenge and hopefully becoming a qualified accountant next year!!

Anyway in other news I am still looking for sponsors for the 40 hour famine. I know more people than Daniel read my blog (I think I hope) so please sponsor me. I have decided to start this Sunday night. So it isn’t to late.

Did anyone notice that Nathan had a password protected post on his blog this other day. Aren’t you just dying to know what know what it could be about. (And no Scott I am not being sarcastic). It was like one of those teaser promotions that some companies do when launching a new product. They get you interested and arouse your curiosity and you can’t wait to find out what it is all about. Hi Nathan I hope you are well and enjoying your studies.

Click HERE and HERE to sponsor me for the 40 hour famine. Now do it now! Now I tell you now!

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Tuesday, March 08, 2005
Guess what! I have decided to do the 40 hour famine.

The 40 Hour Famine is helping provide relief, rehabilitation and development through projects in over ten countries.

These include:

Growing awareness of children’s rights, values and education through a Bangladesh street children project.
Providing safe work alternatives for child rubbish pickers in the city slums of Cambodia
Contributing some Famine funds to the Tsunami relief effort
Releasing children from bonded labour and providing rehabilitation, prevention and advocacy for families in India.
Helping children on the streets of Mongolia and reuniting them with their families.
Providing hope to families affected by HIV/AIDS in Nepal, Papua New Guinea and Tanzania

I am going to the slums of Cambodia this year, that is why I really want to do this! So Please please PLEASE pLeASe sponsor me. It my goal to raise $200.

You can sponsor me online click HERE. You can even pay online with your credit card. Please if you can spare 5 bucks or something please do (but more is better). I promise to be starving for 40 hours and will keep you updated on my blog. I am going to start on the 17th of March which is during the week. Please sponsor me it is a really good cause!

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Saturday, March 05, 2005
Hey Everyone!

How are you all going? I have something to cool to tell you. Last Wednesday I sent my CV out to some recruitment agencies. I decided to do this because a girl in my team had resigned on that Tuesday for a similar job paying and extra 10K! Well I thought we could definately do with the extra $. So I had an interview a week later with a company at 5.00pm and at 2.00pm the next day they came back with a formal job offer paying an extra 9K than what I was on at Tip Top! I couldn't believe it because I had only one interview and they were really keen. I went and told my boss (who has also resigned and I told him I was looking) and he went and spoke to the CFO. She and I had a chat on that evening and said 'I'll get back to you on Friday' She did and yesterday she restructed my salary package and now I only on $300 less than if I had taken the other job offer. I am so very happy cause I really didn't want to take the other job cause it was boring and had no career development but I thought I really should for the extra $. But God is so good cause I really didn't want to leave TT and I really didn't think that they would give me extra $. But they did and we are so amazed at how God works and how he cares for us. Trust in him for all things and he will provide.

I hope this doesn't sound boastful or proud but I just really wanted to share something cool with you. I was really stressing about what to do - boring job more money verses cool job less money. Now I have both thanks to HIM. You may be thinking it is just money and I shouldn't place so much importance on it. But I really feel like my job it to support Hamish through college and provide as best I can in the short time before I become a mummy (God willing- can't wait). To do that for me is to get as much of the mortgage paid off so we can be free to serve without money worries in the future (not that God isn't going to provide through other means). Gee I am being very open about this all......

Anita posted at 8:05 PM

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