Saturday, October 29, 2005
Should we be surprised?

Should we be surprised when we get a hard time from other people? Particularly people who do not know the Lord Jesus as their saviour. Should we be surprised when they call us names, throw stones at us and make life unpleasant? Should we be surprised when our non-Christian MPs pass ungodly legislation? Should we even be angry and want to return the favour? Should we be disappointed and hurt?

The bible tells us how to behave in all things. Philippians 5:2 You attitude should be the same of that of Christ Jesus. What did Jesus do to the people who mocked him, whipped him and eventually killed him in a brutal way? He remain silent, and even asked God to forgive them because they know not what they do

We cant really expect people who are walking in darkness to behave in the same way God has commanded us to. We cant get annoyed or call them names or tell them to shut-up because they know not what they do. They may have been brought up to know right and wrong and have a conscious to tell them not to behave a certain way but ultimately their reason for doing so does not flow from a regenerated heart.

We must have compassion and merciful hearts towards these people who are lost in sin. Why- because God does! For while we where yet sinners Christ died for us. He loved and redeemed us in spite of ourselves. Surely we should love others and sometimes (always) in spite of themselves. That means showing love and grace when they kick us in the shins not kicking them right back.

Ultimately I dont believe it is our job to judge others and shake our fist at them. To borrow a line from a Will Smith song. Let God deal with the things they do cause hate in your heart will consume you too Ok so I dont think Will Smith is a Christian so this line is remarkably true. Leave the judging to God and lets get on with the loving.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2005
Well well well. Three holes in the ground.

I am starting to get the tummy stares now. People look at you and look down at your tummy. Very strange- when I say people I mean women- men don't seem to be interested in such things. It was my first day back at work yesterday and I noticed a couple of people looking. What I am not looking forward to is the 'my-you are getting so big' comments. Not something a girl wants to hear whether she is preggers or not. If I have ever said this to anyone I apologise.

The link up with the Cambodia team is on Tuesday at 7pm at Covenant- be there or be square. 10 days to go! Woohoo.

I am now passed the first trimester- phew it feels good to be out of the 'danger -zone'. This would have been the time we would of started telling people although I doubt I could of kept it a secret this long!

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Tuesday, October 25, 2005
Does anyone know the programme for Missions Week?

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Friday, October 21, 2005
I just read Alana's latest post and Jono's comment. Made me smile The trouble with posting to much is that it doesn't give people the chance to the read the previous post. Although it seems as though there has been a lack of posting lately. Scott should be commended for regular updates however. And tsk tsk to a certain two brothers ;)

If you have time please stop pass the Cambodia team blog and post a comment of encouragement- they would love to know people back home are supporting them. Click HERE to do so.

Our baby now has fingers and toes and will double in size this week!! So very exciting. And I am getting over the need to eat a tin of peaches and a tin of baked beans for tea (yes I have done this- it isn't like it is a whole chocolate cake people:):) Still feeling dodgy but that is good cause it means stuff is going on!!

Off to Movieworld today with my Dad and Sharon- they have come up to see me for the day which is very nice. Pretty excited about that- feel like a big kid although I probably won't be able to go on many rides.

Finished my Grace-based Parenting book. Excellent book- watch this space. Also reading In His Steps- a fiction book about a pastor who challenges His church to ask What Would Jesus Do before making any decisions. Mrs Huber lent this to me and I am really enjoying it.

Back home tomorrow- see ya soon.

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Thursday, October 20, 2005
Defending people.

There are two people that I find myself defending to others. Their names are Brian Tamaki and George W Bush. These men are Christian leaders but some of their actions don't sit right with me or others. It is hard to defend someone when you are not totally convinced yourself on the merit of doing so.

Brian Tamaki

I believe he is a great man on God doing great things in NZ for the sake of the kingdom. But everyone is hung up about his Harley and his flash stuff and the fact he is a Bishop. It seems to be a sticking point. It kinda reminds me of the Porchse discussion that was had at YBC a few years ago. Should Christian have flash things or should the money go to the poor and should we live as Christ did. What would Jesus do? I don't think he would hoon around in a Harley... It sounds judgemental really to sit there and say 'so and so shouldn't own this' but to a watching and critical world the bar is raised for Christians

George Bush

An openly Christian leader who makes postive christian decisions for the good of the US. Wouldn't we love that in NZ??
Iraq- yikes. There were no Weapons of MD, surprise surprise and there were no Iraqis on the planes that flew into the World Trade Tower. The war did not have the blessing of the UN (apparently the UN is bad but I am yet to hear why so until I do I assume a bunch of nations working together is good) Saddam was an evil man who needed to be removed. But hang on who put him there....? If Iraq didn't have the oil resources that it does would the US be that interested in it? Take Rawanda for example in 1994 1 million people died in 100 days and the UN and the US did nothing. Why- could it be cause their only export is coffee and tea and who cares about that. Something just doesn't sit right when people like (and yes I am going to say Michael Moore) Michael Moore feel the need to make a movie about it.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2005
Greetings from the land of Oz! Having a restful and enjoyable time.

It is encouraging to see how the Cambodia team are getting on. You can check out their progress on HERE Sounds like they are up to some amazing things.

I have also missed the forming of the new government, only read an article on the Herald site. Sounds like the Greens are out - yippee. And since NZ First and UF are conservative sound like this government should be to dodgy at all. Will be interesting to see how it all plays out.

I am reading an excellent book I brought from Koorong books yesterday called Grace- Based Parenting. Click HERE to check it out. Up to chapter three and will give you a book review when I have finished it. Basically it is parenting your children as God parents us. It challenges parents to move away from behaviour modification to working from a mode of grace and truth. We can parent ours kids by a checklist do this don't do that without really challenging their hearts etc.

Till next time...

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Thursday, October 13, 2005
Happy Birthday Blog!

It is my blogs first birthday. Which I would have totally forgotten about if Nathan hadn't reminded me! I have had no internet access for the past couple of days due to computer dramas. Did anyone manage to convince Scott he shouldn't call people silly clowns? :):)

Anyway I am off to OZ tomorrow and Hamish is off to Cambodia with Alex and some other cool peps like Phillipa and Carl. Please pray for health and safety for them. Quite keen to have a daddy for my baby and another aunty to.

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Friday, October 07, 2005
The Bible society has recently published the bible in text form. It would read something like this: In da Bginnin God cre8d da heavens & da earth. Interesting.
Apparently it took one person four week to translate. If it gets that bible into the hearts and hands of the younger mobile phone generation then it can't be a bad thing. I think that it would drive me a bit nutty having to read Da all the time instead of the. But maybe I am an old fuddy duddy.

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Wednesday, October 05, 2005
Time for an update.

Our baby is due mid May. I am nine weeks which means I am not able to go to Cambodia. It was just going to be too risky with disease, food and no hospitals. Obviously a hard decision to make. So I will visit my Mum for a week and stay with Bob and Christine for the rest.

I will try and not turn this blog into a pregnancy/baby blog but can't make any promises!

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Monday, October 03, 2005
God is good!

We're having a baby.

Anita posted at 9:22 AM

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