Friday, January 19, 2007

This is one of the plants in my rock garden. If you are thinking about putting in a garden or replacing an old one I recommend a rock garden. Easy care and they look great.

This particular plant started off as one single plant and now has lots of little ones and has even flowered. It survived several child stompings from which I didn't think it would recover. If you would like one like me know, they are easy to transplant and I have some little planters.

These are my herbs planted yesterday. Well actually the mint on the left has been there for ages. The other two are sweet basil and coriandar. A few more basil plants and I will be making the annual load of pesto. Pesto was invented by the Italians so that basil could be available all year around in a perversed form. Basil only grows during the summer. Coriander is used in mexican and indian dishes, my two fave foods.

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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Sorry! That last photo was teeny tiny. The T shirt says 'No Ganglion Cells Included'. I had a tshirt that I brought from T and T before Aria was born that said 'Warning No Instructions Included' I joked to the nurse that it should of said 'Warning No Ganglion Cells Included'. She thought that was pretty funny (sick hospital humour) as did the other lovely nurses at Starship that became fond of Aria. When we went home they got the tshirt printed with and on the back it says 'love from your nurses at Starship Wendy, Jess and Angela'

ANYWAY- don't waste time reading my boring blog check out THIS

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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

A little going away our nurses on the surgery ward at Starship gave Aria, some may not appreciate the humour.

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