Friday, February 25, 2005
My Dad's Op went really well. Having a bit of trouble breathing on his own so please keep praying. Thanks for your prayers and supportive comments- it means a lot.

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Wednesday, February 23, 2005
My Dad is having a quadruple bypass operation this morning (starting 9.30 NZ time). Please if you have a moment offer up a prayer for him.

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Sunday, February 20, 2005
Well things have been a bit quiet on the blogging front. Except for Christy and Nathan who should be commended for their regular posts. The rest of you.... what do you have to say for yourselves? My excuse is that it has been a gosh darn busy time with the mind preoccupied with ...well lets just say stuff.

Last night we had a Coffee and Dessert evening to give our old buddy Lou a hand to get to Japan. Highlights of the night included Corina's Swiss Russian fudge (most yummy and delightful BTW), Mrs Henry's yummy eclairs, Paul Burton paying $36 bucks for Corina's said fudge (worth every penny) and so much ice cream.... Sorry you missed it. Oh also can't forget the other highlight that didn't involved food (thank goodness) a cruise in Scott's new is pretty cool and it is red so it goes faster.

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Saturday, February 05, 2005
Well funnily enough I was going to post on one of two topics. One being why we shouldn't change the flag and the other on the media. Scott did an interesting post on the flag or though I am not sure about the 'The attack on our flag is yet another sickening form of revisionism' comment. Seems a little extreme. Sorry Scooter just my opinion

Anyways, in my last post I made a comment that the NZ Herald sucks. I guess that you must all think it is ok cause no one disagreed. Anyway Hamish and I were eating breakfast and I picked up the front section of the Herald for me and the sports section for him. I gave up reading it because it was choka block full of ads! The quality of the stories are poor and there is very little dirt digging investigational journalism! On the other hand the Sunday Star Times is an excellent newspaper full of interesting stories and because it is not a daily they provide more topical feature type stories.

I also await with interest to see who is going to win the 7pm current affairs show battle. I mean really does NZ needs 3 current affairs programmes at 7. No we dont and someone is going to lose. I can't wait for John Campbells show- he is funny and smart and doesn't have an ax to grind unlike Aunty Helen's sister in arms Susan Wood. Paul Holmes might be ok cause all the oldies like him and all the youngies like John Campbell. At the end of the day the winner could be Shortland Street, but my pick is John Campbell will be the winner and hopefully Susan Wood the loser.

What kind of country lets the government own the media??? I mean no wonder poor Don Brash can't get a foot in the door cause the media is dancing to the beat of Helen's drum. And look what happens when TV3 takes her on (Corngate interview with John Campbell), that would have never happened with a TV One jorno cause there would have been more trouble I bet. OK just for the record Don Brash didn't say women should give up their babies for adoption he is said it should be AN OPTION! An option people not a command get it right. The media twists stuff just to make a story. We need to look out for what we read and watch and switch our brains on.

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Thursday, February 03, 2005
Don’t you love it? I am lucky that my boss doesn’t read my blog so I can write what I like. I got a new computer today!! It is a really nice Dell flat screen one and I love it. I was the first person in the whole company to get one! They are doing the roll out of the rest on Friday. Apparently I am a high volume tester so that is why I get mine a few days earlier and maybe it has something to do with the fact that it is budget time and I am the IT accountant. Nah I doubt it.

I got a compliment from the CEO today, which is a big deal. On the other hand a decision I made at work has come back to bite me on the butt big time. A decision I made against the advice of an Exec member. So today has been bittersweet. But I live and learn.

Anyway how are you all? It is my Blisters birthday on Saturday and you all better be at Denny’s at 9am if you are a girl and my house at 11 if you are either a girl or a boy. We are going to the beach you see so you better be there or be a big square.

Love you all. Say hi to your Mum for me.

Anita posted at 9:13 PM

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