Wednesday, December 21, 2005
Up until this morning I had the privilege of never in my life seeing a rat. A wild one that is. I had intended to remedy this aspect of my sheltered life in Cambodia, however that was not to be.

My darling cat decided to leave a rather mangled one right outside my car door this morning. As I went to the car I couldn't help but spot the mangled mess and quickly turned around. So in was back inside to get my darling husband to move the car so I could zoom off to work.

My darling cat either needs a lesson in the polite disposable of his dinner or we should thank him for the early Christmas gift. The person I feel most sorry for is Louise. Yes Louise, who it seems, every time she comes over, our cat decides that a dead bird would be best left for her viewing pleasure. She turned up for tea last night and had to step over a dead bird that our darling cat had left on the doorstep. I am not going to mention the previous circumstances in which she viewed a dead bird at our place. Oh dear- how embarrassment.

I hope children are easier!

Anita posted at 12:10 PM

Thursday, December 15, 2005
Hey! Is Covenant having a Christmas Eve Service? Last years one was pretty cool......!

I have a piece of my absolute fave food in front of me. Lemon Meringue Pie from the Cheesecake Shop! And do you think I have managed to get thru even half of it- not at all. I have a new Tui Billboard. Eating for Two -Yeah Right. I can't even manage to eat for one!

We are going to open a savings account with Westpac called an Online Saver. One would think that you could do this online. But no you have to make an appointment with the bank to do so. Surely in this modern age you should be able to do this online or is that expecting to much?

Anita posted at 9:13 AM

Tuesday, December 13, 2005
Raided Egg Maternity yesterday thanks to my good friends Paul and Jean who gave me a very lovely gift of vouchers. Got a pair of jeans and pants. The jeans are fantastic and soooo comfortable! Trade Me has also proved to be a great place for maternity clothes as well!

We have a scan booked in for tomorrow! Can’t wait. Heard baby’s heart beat and aerobics yesterday which was cool. She is growing right on target which is reassuring.

Scan Update: Baby Mac is well and all the bits and pieces are in the right place and working!

Anita posted at 4:40 PM

Wednesday, December 07, 2005
An IT Freeze over Christmas.

A flash way of saying the IT department are all going to the beach?

Anita posted at 11:32 AM

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