Wednesday, September 28, 2005
Well everyone is a little doomsday about the election. Am I the only one that doesn't think it is that bad? Ok sure the Christian vote seemed to mostly go to National who didn't get in (only by one seat mind you) and it looks like another Labour/Greens government. BUT lets look on the bright side of life:

1. Labour pretty much has the same amount of support BUT National is a bigger and hopefully more moral force.
2. The greens are in BUT have lost support and Nandor Tanzcos has gone and therefore the legalising of cannabis won't be such a huge issue
3. The government really needs United Future's support which will only be given on the basis that hate speech legislation won't be passed and the families commission stays.
4. The government also needs NZ First who are also traditionally fairly morally conservative.

I could be wrong but we may not see such dodgy legislation in this term simply because the government doesn't have the numbers or the mandate from the people.

We need some good news! Stay tuned ;)

Anita posted at 3:50 PM

Tuesday, September 20, 2005
Well I have been doing a few interesting things lately. I gave blood and worked in the polling booth on election day. It was the first time I had given blood and I was a wee bit scared but it was totally fine! If you were ever thinking about giving blood- do it do it do it. One donation saves three lives.

As for working on election day...... a long hard day but worth it when you get paid.

In other news-

Hats off to the Carl and Neil who made it to the weekly Team Cambodia meeting yesterday. One had just had a root canal that day and the other with a bunch of cracked ribs. Impressive guys- keep up the good work!

Anita posted at 3:55 PM

Thursday, September 15, 2005
There seems to be a lot of parenting Super Nanny type shows on TV at the moment. You know the one where the lady (full of knowledge) points out that perhaps if you trying disciplining your child it might cause them to behave better. Seems to be a radical thought these days but I seem to remember reading it somewhere.....

Anyway I think I need a Super Nanny, no not for my unruly children (plently of time for that) but for my unruly cat! He has figured out that by jumping on the hand rail by our front door and clawing the window ( at 3am making tons of noise) he will wake us up and we will let him in. When we let him he finds every noisy object to stand on and meows and carries on until we feed him. So night time is being ruled and disrupted by the cat and the only way to stop the noise inside and out is to give into and feed him!

Super Cat Nanny we need you!!!

Anita posted at 12:17 PM

Tuesday, September 13, 2005
This from the NZ Herald site-

Things to remember about Helen Clark

Helen Clark, Labour party leader

* That motorcade.

* Visited the US and was assured by Colin Powell NZ is "a very, very, very good friend", though not an ally.

* Signed a painting she didn't paint.

* David Lange said of her she was "so dry she's combustible".

* Microwaves half-drunk cups of tea. Doesn't own a dishwasher.

* Stared down the Israelis over the Mossad passport affair until they apologised.

* Sacked her own husband when as Minister of Health in 1989 she got rid of the entire Auckland Area Health Board. And didn't tell him early over the cornflakes.

* Was a political science junior lecturer before entering politics.

* Met Pope John Paul II at the Vatican.

* Called John Campbell a "little creep" in the Corngate affair.

* Likes to commemorate New Zealand's war dead - Anzac Cove, Korea, the Somme.

* Has been in Parliament since 1981.

* Has apologised to various groups for maltreatment in the past - Chinese immigrant workers, Samoans and gays.

* Has had issues at Waitangi: Titewhai, tears.

* Great grasp of policy detail.

* Was second leader on the calling card for new Chinese President Hu Jintao.

* Voted for Civil Unions.

* Has attended five Apec conferences and has the national costumes to prove it.

* Keen on cross-country skiing, mountain climbing and tramping, she has climbed mountains all over New Zealand and the Andes, and Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

Anita posted at 3:40 PM

Monday, September 12, 2005
If there is another Labour/Green government New Zealand will see the greatest legislated moral decline in it's history. This election is critical and at the same time the Christian vote is split at least three ways. This is sad- I wonder what it will take to unite Christians into voting for the same party and achieving a meaningful present in parliament.

I am off to vote at lunchtime today. Yikes -the pressure.

Anita posted at 8:24 AM

Thursday, September 08, 2005
Oh Joy!

Guess which restaurant chain is coming to town?


Anita posted at 4:47 PM

Wednesday, September 07, 2005
Well most people that know me know that I am not a fan of our car. It isn't very pretty and the ability or lack of to put your foot down and get somewhere quickly makes Auckland driving a wee bit scary. However it is amazing good on gas. We filled up last Monday (29th) and had a bit of a fit when it costs us $60. But it is now Tuesday the following week and have down 380kms and still have a bit more than quarter of a tank left! Nice one. Maybe I am starting to warm to our car just a bit.

Anita posted at 7:53 AM

Tuesday, September 06, 2005
What cost nothing to give but is valuable to receive?

I know lots of people that are fantastic encouragers- the type that go out of their way to build you up and say something positive. I know others that couldn't say a positive thing if their life depended on. I am not sure where I fit on the spectrum- probably towards the negative end.

The past couple of days has made me realise how incredibly important it is express your thanks and gratefulness to others. Your parents, your spouse, your family and your church family. I know that there are people in my life that I take for granted and feel that I don't have to thank them cause 'they already know' or 'them are just family' Well actually they might not know and might really appreciate being told.

Words are funny things- they can bring great joy and great pain. My new goal- say one positive thing a day to someone to build them up. Wouldn't the world and church be a better place?? If you need examples of how to encourage others- read the comments on my last post and do/say what Jono, Louise and Corina did. Thanks guys means a lot.

Anita posted at 11:32 AM

Sunday, September 04, 2005
You are invited to..............!!!!!!!!!!!

A Pity Party!

Where: Hamish and Anitas Place

When: Most nights this week

Why: For having the unreasonable expectation that on the last day at a church you were born into and have spent your whole life that more than two people (or none in Hamishs case) would come and voice their support and encouragement.

Peace out.

Anita posted at 7:18 PM

Friday, September 02, 2005
So excited I am going to watch the ABs play the Wallabies. One of our suppliers has a box and is shouting us dinner and drinks and dessert after. I have never seen the ABs play live so it is big event for me! Fun fun

In other news:
Has anyone heard that ad on the radio advertising a certain large men's clothing chain store for father's day. It starts 'you gotta give your old man credit that at some stage he got some- you may have been a result of a.....' and it lists a bunch of things. Am I being to serious but I don't think it is particularly appropriate to joke about these subjects on national radio.

Is this the type of advertising that is suppose to appeal to men? They must be targeting younger men who would but their dads clothes for fathers day? I thought it was mainly the daughters or the mum that would buy the Dad some clothes but apparently not. Anyway I think this stores ad's are offensive and sexist. The last competition they ran was to win a trip to a FHM bikini shoot! I mean really- women are not objects to oogle people!!!!

Anita posted at 11:56 AM

Thursday, September 01, 2005
I managed to quickly avert my eyes from the headline on about a cat abuse. Phew I thought I don't want to read about stuff like that. Then I did the daily skim of the blogs to see that Scott has mentioned it on his- yikes so I quickly click on the next link and off to Dan's blog. It is safe there- no mention of animal abuse.

If it had been a story about a human being cut in half- no problem I would have read it. But why is that a cat being cut in half is so much more offensive to me? I don't value animal life above human life and if I had to chose between my husband and my cat, I would choose my husband. But there is something deeply troubling about hearing about animal abuse.

Anita posted at 2:21 PM

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