Sunday, April 01, 2007
It finally happened! We received our first and hopefully only piece of criticism just this week! Heartbreaking stuff really and pretty hard to read. It was posted on a forum and I don't think the person expect me to read it. When I replied however they didn't seem at all remorseful. They told me not to take it personally (as if) and also went on to suggest children with genetic disease shouldn't be allowed to live and procreate as it is weakening the gene pool in Western society! Yikes, I didn't bother to reply to that.

This is what they wrote and I don't really want to post the rest of what they said:

'I’m sure she’s a beautiful baby and brings joy to many people, but in all fairness, if this baby had been left to the will of God, then she would be with him in heaven already. Why are they prolonging a life that should not be surviving in the first place? Especially one that requires so many resources to survive that could otherwise be used to save thousands of children’s lives instead of just one?'

I will say this: If Aria was supposed to be in heaven, she would be. Humans can't overrule God. Also if most of the Western world gave up a small luxury eg takeways for a week we wouldnt need to choose which child lives or dies or starvation. They could all be saved.

Anita posted at 1:03 PM

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