Sunday, April 01, 2007
It finally happened! We received our first and hopefully only piece of criticism just this week! Heartbreaking stuff really and pretty hard to read. It was posted on a forum and I don't think the person expect me to read it. When I replied however they didn't seem at all remorseful. They told me not to take it personally (as if) and also went on to suggest children with genetic disease shouldn't be allowed to live and procreate as it is weakening the gene pool in Western society! Yikes, I didn't bother to reply to that.

This is what they wrote and I don't really want to post the rest of what they said:

'I’m sure she’s a beautiful baby and brings joy to many people, but in all fairness, if this baby had been left to the will of God, then she would be with him in heaven already. Why are they prolonging a life that should not be surviving in the first place? Especially one that requires so many resources to survive that could otherwise be used to save thousands of children’s lives instead of just one?'

I will say this: If Aria was supposed to be in heaven, she would be. Humans can't overrule God. Also if most of the Western world gave up a small luxury eg takeways for a week we wouldnt need to choose which child lives or dies or starvation. They could all be saved.


And if God had not desired the author of that ill thought out remark to live as a child, nothing his/her parents could do would have allowed him.her to survive. And then we'd not have the privilege of their posted opinions today.

I'm sure Aria will grow up to be more positive about God's will than that person :-)

By Anonymous Allan, at 4:36 AM, April 02, 2007  

I wonder if the person who wrote all that, has been through similar circumstances? I'm sure it's very easy to be saying what should and should not be done when they aren't facing the enormity of all this, that you as Aria's parents are.

While they're entitled to their opinion, I agree with Allan - it's ill thought out. And it means nothing when compared with the support network surrounding you.

By Blogger Sharon, at 12:08 AM, April 07, 2007  

Let them be entitled to their opinion, no matter how warped it is. If man wasn't destined to use his free will in, and taming the world, then we would still be wearing fig leaves and shaking snakes out of apple trees for amusement. There will always be those with warped and/or opposing views. And what I would put back to them is how could you allow a living human being starved to death because of economics, when you can be jailed if you do the same thing to a cat or dog, when there is so much hope for a long normal life. Aria is your daughter Anita, and my grand-daughter and you know, and I know, that you are doing the right thing by Aria, and the right thing by God; and that all that’s can ever matter, not some other view from a forum.

By Blogger ds_ready, at 7:35 PM, April 10, 2007  

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