Wednesday, December 22, 2004
Christmas Day couldn’t come sooner! I am really looking forward to it. My cool as sister got me a breadmaker and I can’t wait to start using it! And there are lots of other reasons to look forward to it too

Talented People

In the past week or so I have got to spend around with some mighty talented people and watch them use their gifts. It had been heaps of fun and rather humbling listening to and watching people like Jono and Scott and heaps of others. I am not very musical and my singing is very questionable but it is so wonderful to see how God blesses people with amazing gifts


Would have to be my favourite topic. Hamish and I were at Farmers buying Tivoli’s Christmas present and the counter is next to the baby stroller/prams/whatever-you-call-them. There was one there for $699 and another for $999 (is was a double mind you but still!!!!) We checked out the $699 and it had a range of features, which included a storm cover!!! Ok I don’t have a baby and won’t for some time but why would you want to take your bubba out in a storm?! Strange.


Work has been stressful lately. But we have Secret Santa today and I got this thing that I can’t even describe but it lights up and goes around and around. Guess who I had to buy a Secret Santa for --- my Boss. We have Christmas lunch tomorrow too. My team and I worked hard out today and closed AP for the month and so we have nothing to do for the next day or so……excellent.

Christmas Eve

Covenant is having a Christmas Eve service! Excellent, thanks to the Youth! There will be a sing song and a rockingly funny skit! Be there.

Finally……if I don’t post before Christmas have a wonderful day and remember to worship Him who made you for coming to this earth.

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Friday, December 17, 2004
Pay close attention. I will say this only once.

We live is a post feminist era. An era where the top jobs in the country are held by women. Think PM, Speaker of the House and Telecom CEO. But the question must be asked what good has feminism done us? Sure we can get good educations, careers and can be economically independent. It has also meant that we don’t have to marry, have children or stay at home fulltime. It interested me as I listened to the radio this morning to here a women say ‘if I don’t get a ring and a proposal this Christmas I am leaving’! Well why would a man marry you if he is getting all the perks and none of the responsibilities. You wash his socks, cook his tea and even have his babies and he doesn’t have to commit himself to you in any legal or public way. Men have committed and continue to commit terrible sins against women in this post-feminist age. But I think we have made it worst for ourselves. We move in with a man and are often left holding baby.

Women have a tremendous capacity to love and be loved. This love makes them great mothers and wives, giving themselves to their husbands and children self-sacrificially. This capacity to be loved often leaves a woman with a void in her heart if it is not fulfilled. Women often seek to full this void with the love of a man. This love can be pure and Christ-like or it can be dominating and oppressive. Because society no longer requires that a man and women should marry before living together, a women, who seeking to fulfil to this void can find herself in a difficult situation.

Lets not fill the void with a man’s love until we have filled it with Christ’s. Let's not have babies without a marriage certificate. Let's never allow a man to raise a hand to us in anger. Lets not juggle 3 kids and a full-time job just because we can.

I believe that a woman with a loving and affectionate husband who embraces his headship can blossom and bloom no end. I also believe that women are crying out for loving leadership in an age where men are becoming too passive or too aggressive. I am not trying to say that women are not sinners because they are. But love her and lead her and care for her and I believe that the returns will be tenfold. We can be emotional and grumpy characters and hard to love at times but love anyway. I am thankful that I can speak of this love firsthand but many can’t.

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Thursday, December 09, 2004
On Tuesday a supplier of Tip Top took some of their clients out on a boat for the day. It was a 2.5 million dollar 24 m Italian masterpiece called the Pacific Jemm. A Jemm was with 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, BBQ, dining room, lounge etc etc. There was a chief on board and wait staff. We ate beautiful food and drank beautiful drink (Evian and OJ for me). It was an amazing experience to see how the other half live. I had an excellent time but got a bit overwhelmed towards the end of the day. It was a bit weird being a couple of feet away from a bottle of drink but getting someone else to fill your glass for you. I felt a bit uncomfortable making someone else do something so simple for me. It felt a bit elitist and wrong.

It is really the exact opposite of the example Christ gave us. Most people in life are striving to live a life like I did for one day, having else wait on you. But as Christians our goal is the exact opposite, we aim to serve others. For Hamish and I our ‘career’ and life choices will result in the exact opposite of this. A friend said to me after I told him about the day ‘well I hoped you enjoyed cause it won’t be anything like that when you are a pastors wife’. Good I thought I didn’t really like it anyway. I think I would much rather pour the drinks, I know I would feel better at the end of the day.

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Thursday, December 02, 2004
They passed it. The seconding reading of the Civil Unions bill passed. Please be in prayer for two things:
1. That there might be a referendum on the issue
2. That next Thursday the bill will not be passed!

What I take comfort in is that no matter what man does it won’t change God’s plan. God is still in control! He is mighty and will be victorious on the Day!

P.S I won’t be joining Susan Woods or Georgina Beyer’s fan clubs anytime soon!

Anita posted at 7:48 PM

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