Sunday, October 10, 2004
I am blogging again because I have a blog and that is what people with blogs do. I have a blog which makes me a Blogger.

Please note that I hope to have more useful and interesting things to say in the future but right now I am just getting the hang of it!!!


I'm just getting the hang of it, too! I'm at
Have fun!

By Blogger Kelly, at 5:31 pm, October 10, 2004  


I may be able to give you a hint. Sometimes you may think :"My life is the same every day why should i write about it ?"

The fact is : The world is reading you and your life is different from mine (I moved to Bangkkok 8 months ago) which is different from my parents which is different from my friends in Paris.

In fact, simple things, written in a funny way may be fun !

Good luck for your new post. unforntunately mine is all in french... I post some english posts sometimes though.

By Blogger NdF, at 10:53 pm, October 18, 2004  

Yay - Anita's got a blog!
Look forward to reading useful and interesting things in the future!
Crina xxx

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:47 am, October 19, 2004  

Cool, welcome to the blogwagon Anita :)

By Blogger Silla, at 4:36 pm, October 19, 2004  

I am commenting on your blog because I have read your blog, and that is what people who read blogs do.

I must say, its awfully pink. Each to their own I guess

By Blogger Nathan, at 4:19 pm, October 20, 2004  

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