Saturday, February 17, 2007
These are my nappies. Well actually they are Aria's nappies. Cloth nappies have become a wee bit of a hobby for me. I love to use them. They are made from all sorts of beautiful fabrics. For example the first blue one you see in the pic (left to right) is made from bamboo and the one next to that is made from hemp. They hold a lot of 'you know'. Cloth nappies have could a lot way since I was a kid. Beautiful colours too. Although there appears to be a lot of blue on the line. I do have some pink ones but I try to resist just in case the next one isn't a girl:)

The environment. Something I have been thinking about more and more. The cloth nappy thing is part of it but there is heaps more you can do to be kinder to the environment. I figure as Christains we should be the biggest environmentalists cause we have a direct responsibility from God to take care of His world. To start with it is about the kinda of chemcials we pour down the drain, are whiter clothes and sparkling bathrooms really worth it? So this is what we use to wash our dishes. You only need a teaspoon for a whole sink worth of dishes. AND I have discover the baking soda to clean the bathroom is HEAPS better than Jif. Forget Jif, baking soda does a heaps better job and with less elbow grease required. My next job is to tackle the rubbish and to decrease it and recyle more. I will keep you posted!

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