Wednesday, February 21, 2007
What do you do all day?
Someone asked me this question on the weekend. Not in a mean way, just in a curious way. Which is fine because I used to wonder what SAHMs (stay at home mum) used to do as well.

SO I will tell you.

Now Aria is getting older she is sleeping less. Pretty much when she is awake I am playing, talking, singing, sitting, bouncing, laughing with her. I only do work when she is asleep mostly. When she is asleep I clean, vacuum, do the washing, organise, wash dishes and cook. Yup domestic house duties! It is surprising how long it takes and I wonder how did I keep the house clean while working. Yes I do go on the internet (obviously) and watch TV (Home and Away!!!). Then there are visitors, appointments at Starship and me visiting people.

I love love love being a SAHM. It is great. I am not as tired as I was working. I love that my job is to look after Hamish and Aria and not working to make money for other people. It is hard work esp since I am part nurse too. But it is great, I highly recomend!


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