Sunday, April 01, 2007
It finally happened! We received our first and hopefully only piece of criticism just this week! Heartbreaking stuff really and pretty hard to read. It was posted on a forum and I don't think the person expect me to read it. When I replied however they didn't seem at all remorseful. They told me not to take it personally (as if) and also went on to suggest children with genetic disease shouldn't be allowed to live and procreate as it is weakening the gene pool in Western society! Yikes, I didn't bother to reply to that.

This is what they wrote and I don't really want to post the rest of what they said:

'I’m sure she’s a beautiful baby and brings joy to many people, but in all fairness, if this baby had been left to the will of God, then she would be with him in heaven already. Why are they prolonging a life that should not be surviving in the first place? Especially one that requires so many resources to survive that could otherwise be used to save thousands of children’s lives instead of just one?'

I will say this: If Aria was supposed to be in heaven, she would be. Humans can't overrule God. Also if most of the Western world gave up a small luxury eg takeways for a week we wouldnt need to choose which child lives or dies or starvation. They could all be saved.

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Sunday, March 25, 2007
Here is a riddle for you:
Who stays in hospital but isn't sick?
The parent of a sick child.

Recently and more depressing it is hard not to compare it to a prison. As life can be a bit boring I have started to compare. Not that I can compare very well because I have never been in prision. I should also say that I am not trying to make out that prison is easy cause I am sure it isn't.

Size of the room
Prision- Don't know
Hospital- Very small. Put a single bed, a chair and a cot side by side and you have the width. Add an extra metre at the end of the bed and you have the depth.

Prision- three square meals a day.
Hospital- BYO. Wait you get breakfast, a little bowl of ricies and two pieces of bread. Other than that it is takeaways or whatever you can get at the overpriced cafes at the hospital. Or dinners from sweet individuals.

Prison- TV and whatever else you bring (I think)
Hospital- A TV in the ceiling but nothing else- there is no room! However I have rediscovered knitting!

Contact with the outside world
Prison- Phone calls, visits and I don't think you are allowed a cellphone?
Hospital- pretty much limited to your cellphone. Getting a text is particulary exciting! No emails or phonecalls. Visitors cheer you up hugely!

Exercise/Time out of room
Prison- you get an hour out in a 24 hour period ( I think)
Hospital- you can leave the room to have a shower or get a coffee. However you run the risk of missing a doctor visit and leaving your baby unattended. Which goes against all mothering instincts. Nope the nurses dont babysit. It does a lot for the soul to have a shower. There is nothing like talking to a doctor in your PJs and bed hair to realise the humbling position you are in. Other than that you are stuck there until some you are comfortable leaving baby with shows up. You sleep in the room too.

Prison- I assume it is ok? Quiet, lights out and all that stuff.
Hospital- not much. Between nurses coming in hourly and a sick and crying baby sleep is limited. But that is ok cause you can sleep during the day. NO you can't- still the nurse AND doctors and the sick baby.

Visits home
Prison- none or by special arrangements.
Hospital- if Hamish has the day off I get go home for a couple of hours and to sleep overnight at the MacDonalds. You miss your own bed. It is a catch 22. You need to go home to regain some sanity but you have to leave your baby. Even though she is with her daddy it is still hard for a mother to do.

Well that is all I can think of. I am sure there are more. I hope you have gotten some insight into an interesting world of a adult in a childrens hospital. It is hard very hard. You appreciate the support of friends and family so much. I had a darling friend spend the day with me on Friday! It was the best hospital day ever. It is a weird time. You hear from people you don't expect and don't hear from people you do expect. Random strangers show such kindess, it is truely heartwarming.


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Thursday, February 22, 2007
Will you help us?

We are now starting to kick into fundraising mode. It is scary and humbling. It is hard to open yourself and ask for others peoples money so that Aria might have a long life. BUT God will provide. When we started this journey money was never ever the issue. I remember sitting on the couch at home talking to Jodee Reid (the mum of a little Kiwi girl on the waiting list in the US for a bowel transplant) and first learning the cost. $1-2 million dollars ! OH MY. But not an issue for God

My always support family has helped yet again and Sharon has come up with this idea. Can you see the box to the right with Aria details and pic on it. If you click on it it will take you to her site.

My question is . Will you consider putting this on your site/blog/email? it is a small thing but will help get the word out for us. Please we would be so grateful

I am to shy to ask people personally which would be ideal. But please help if you can.

If the answer is yes please click HERE and get the code for it. Thanks :)


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Wednesday, February 21, 2007
What do you do all day?
Someone asked me this question on the weekend. Not in a mean way, just in a curious way. Which is fine because I used to wonder what SAHMs (stay at home mum) used to do as well.

SO I will tell you.

Now Aria is getting older she is sleeping less. Pretty much when she is awake I am playing, talking, singing, sitting, bouncing, laughing with her. I only do work when she is asleep mostly. When she is asleep I clean, vacuum, do the washing, organise, wash dishes and cook. Yup domestic house duties! It is surprising how long it takes and I wonder how did I keep the house clean while working. Yes I do go on the internet (obviously) and watch TV (Home and Away!!!). Then there are visitors, appointments at Starship and me visiting people.

I love love love being a SAHM. It is great. I am not as tired as I was working. I love that my job is to look after Hamish and Aria and not working to make money for other people. It is hard work esp since I am part nurse too. But it is great, I highly recomend!

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Saturday, February 17, 2007
These are my nappies. Well actually they are Aria's nappies. Cloth nappies have become a wee bit of a hobby for me. I love to use them. They are made from all sorts of beautiful fabrics. For example the first blue one you see in the pic (left to right) is made from bamboo and the one next to that is made from hemp. They hold a lot of 'you know'. Cloth nappies have could a lot way since I was a kid. Beautiful colours too. Although there appears to be a lot of blue on the line. I do have some pink ones but I try to resist just in case the next one isn't a girl:)

The environment. Something I have been thinking about more and more. The cloth nappy thing is part of it but there is heaps more you can do to be kinder to the environment. I figure as Christains we should be the biggest environmentalists cause we have a direct responsibility from God to take care of His world. To start with it is about the kinda of chemcials we pour down the drain, are whiter clothes and sparkling bathrooms really worth it? So this is what we use to wash our dishes. You only need a teaspoon for a whole sink worth of dishes. AND I have discover the baking soda to clean the bathroom is HEAPS better than Jif. Forget Jif, baking soda does a heaps better job and with less elbow grease required. My next job is to tackle the rubbish and to decrease it and recyle more. I will keep you posted!

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007
Someone just knocked on my door and asked me if my parents where home!! Woohoo being 26 doesn't depress me so much anymore.


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Friday, January 19, 2007

This is one of the plants in my rock garden. If you are thinking about putting in a garden or replacing an old one I recommend a rock garden. Easy care and they look great.

This particular plant started off as one single plant and now has lots of little ones and has even flowered. It survived several child stompings from which I didn't think it would recover. If you would like one like me know, they are easy to transplant and I have some little planters.

These are my herbs planted yesterday. Well actually the mint on the left has been there for ages. The other two are sweet basil and coriandar. A few more basil plants and I will be making the annual load of pesto. Pesto was invented by the Italians so that basil could be available all year around in a perversed form. Basil only grows during the summer. Coriander is used in mexican and indian dishes, my two fave foods.

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